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Concepts that until recent years may have seemed futuristic are now being implemented by cities and utilities, powered by rich 3D spatial datasets. Elements of identification, classification, and change detection are benefitting by a revolution in advanced processes that learn-as-they- go. Cities and utilities across the country continue to face challenges managing their infrastructure while utilizing it to become “smart cities” and “digital twins”; increased automation is bringing such initiatives to fruition .

  • AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

  • Automated Feature Extraction and Change Detection

  • IoT Sensor Systems

  • Digital Twins


  • City/Urban Planners

  • Geospatial Information Officers

  • Asset Managers

  • Public Works

  • Parks & Rec

  • Federal/state/municipal personnel/contractors

    • Dept. of Transportation​

    • Dept. of Wildlife

    • Dept. of Interior

    • Bureau of Land Management

  • State and City, CIOs, CTOs/IT Directors

  • Mapping Technology Decision Makers

  • Smart City & Infrastructure Innovation Leaders


Gavin Schrock

Program Moderator/Consulting Editor

Gavin Schrock, PLS is a surveyor, technology writer, editor of the geomatics sciences publication xyHt magazine, and operator of a cooperative GNSS network (RTN). He has worked in surveying, mapping, data management, GNSS, and GIS for more than three decades in the civil, utility, defense, and mapping disciplines. He has published in these fields and has taught these subjects at local, state, national, and international conferences.