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GIS to Support Autonomous Transportation VCX Event


Within the world of autonomous transportation, both public and private, perhaps nothing is more crucial to its progress as an accessible technology, than the improvements in the GIS based digital infrastructure behind the systems.


Developments in the precision of lower cost sensor, 3-D data acquisition and 5G wireless technology are empowering the development of next generation mobility systems. Advances in the accuracy of map data, camera-based computer vision with real-time LiDAR sensors, are the foundation for these mobility systems. AI systems monitor real-time for changes in traffic, weather, and road maintenance to provide autonomous vehicle operations. The requirements for accurate GIS base maps with the input of real-time data are changing with way mapping professionals collect and deliver data to ensure public safety, security, and perception of the usage of the emerging technology of autonomous vehicles and robotics.


The GIS to Support Autonomous Transportation VCX event will focus on 3 topics of interest, where the industry has shown significant improvement in recent months.


  • Autonomous Vehicle Experts

  • Automotive Industry Thinkers

  • Robotics Engineers

  • 5G for Mobility System

  • Mapping Technology Decision Makers

  • Drone Companies

  • Point-Cloud Specialists

  • GNSS Companies

  • Smart City & Infrastructure Innovation Leaders


Beyond GNSS, AI mobility systems are driving the future of positioning and location technology for Autonomous Vehicles​



Requirements for real-time HD map data to enable safe, autonomous mobility


HD GIS for Autonomous Delivery Robots

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