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April 27, 2021

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Geospatial Analysis in Agriculture


Agriculture is being revolutionized by the advances in Geospatial Analytics. However, GIS is not a new phenomenon is agriculture. Much of modern agriculture is already run using geo-locating technology, ranging from the analyzation of local climates and ecosystems, to data improvements, to efficient and detailed planning, to analyzing runoff, and much more. The applications of data driven geospatial technology to agriculture are already immense, but we are just at the beginning of seeing where the Geospatatial Data agricultural revolution will take us.


This event will bring together speakers, academics, and industry leaders in the world of Agriculture who will discuss and present new information and solutions on the latest cutting edge developments in the world of Agricultural Geospatial Analysis.


The Geospatial Analysis in Agriculture VCX will address these issues:

  • Precision Farming Capabilities 

  • Drone and UAV Integration and Data Collection Methodology

  • Cost Efficiency of Smart Farming

Presenters from government and industry will address these topics while drawing comparisons to traditional methods of Agricultural data collection to provide an honest assessment of the future of Agricultural Geospatial Analysis. 


  • Farmers

  • Industrial Agricultural Scientists

  • Federal, state, provincial, local government and utility policy makers/contractors

  • Utility associations

  • Safety managers

  • Asset managers

  • Geospatial professionals

  • Drone specialists