Geospatial Analysis in Transportation Pl

Geospatial Analysis in Transportation Planning


Global Highway and Transportation infrastructure projects are some of the most complicated, organization intensive, and expensive projects in existence. The digital GIS revolution has been one of the most important, if not the most important, developments in the abilities of governments, transportation authorities, and private sector road utility firms, to increase efficiency in their sector across all levels of the project. Uses of GIS Technology for the purpose of Geospatial Analysis range from Environmental Assessment, to Route Planning, to Traffic Modelling, to Highway Maintenance, and much much more.  Digital Geospatial Analysis is now being used in every area of the Transportation Planning sector.


With so much new software and physical technology being developed to further streamline Transportation Planning projects, it is hard to stay up to date with what is now capable in the field. This event will bring together industry leaders, academics, and government officials who will provide leading insights into the best solutions on the market today, and to where the direction of innovation will go heading forward.


The Transportation Planning VCX will address these issues:

  • Applications of GIS in Transportation Planning

  • Data Collection and Methodology for Transportation Planning

  • Cost Benefits and Efficiency Benefits of GIS Integration into Transportation Planning


  • City Federal, State, Regional, and Local Transportation Professionals

  • City/urban planners

  • Government & Municipal DOT Officials

  • Traffic & Transit Engineers

  • Transit Planners and Administrators

  • Drafters & Surveyors

  • GIS Professionals & Geospatial Analysts

  • Transportation & Regional Planners

  • Engineering & Design Consultants

  • Geospatial Application Developers

  • Project Engineers & Managers

  • Airport Operations

  • Public Works Managers & Roadway Maintenance Supervisors

  • Enterprise Asset Managers & DBAs