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May 13, 2021
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Geospatial Analysis in Utility Management


It cannot be understated how much Data Driven Geospatial Analysis has to offer the world of Utility. Every public asset needs to be geolocated, and everything can now with the latest Geospatial Solutions. GIS and IoT provide real time insights into how projects are unfolding to everyone involved in a project. GIS solutions allow metadata to be geographically stored and easily accessed for anyone involved in a project or who needs to access the data in the present of the future. And so much more. GIS’s contributions to Utility Management are vast and have revolutionized the industry, and developments keep being made every day, making GIS’s role more and more integral to the field, as this trend will only increase. However to keep track of all the developments would require a lot of work.


This VCX event is designed to create a platform to bring leaders of academia, cutting edge technology developers, and government officials together to inform you on the latest developments and forthcoming trends in the world of Geospatial Public Utility Management.


This event will cover:

  • Uses and Advantages of GIS in Utility Management

  • Hardware and Software Solutions and their applications

  • State of the Art and Potential Future Developments in GIS


  • City/Urban Planners

  • Utility Workers

  • Utility Regulators

  • Public Utility Contractors

  • Geospatial Information Officers

  • Asset Managers

  • Public Works

  • DOT

  • State and City, CIOs, CTOs/IT Directors

  • Mapping Technology Decision Makers

  • Smart City & Infrastructure Innovation Leaders