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GNSS Advancements for
Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Date TBA

Explore why GNSS data is becoming integral to the data infrastructure of the future


With the growing demand for GNSS data expanding to become the largest sector of the geospatial field, the technology is proving to be integral to the data infrastructure of the present and future.


GNSS has undergone expansion and modernization, with a nearly doubling of satellites and 3rd signal implementation—much of this occurring in the past few years. The utility of GNSS as an essential foundation for digitalization of engineering, construction, surveying, asset mapping, digital twins, autonomy, robotics, machine guidance, monitoring, and infrastructure IoT.


Integrated sensor systems: inertial, imaging, lidar, machine learning driving advances in automated feature recognition, and signals of opportunity stand to completely transform AEC professions and industries. The high precision geospatial world of tomorrow is already here.


This free virtual conference experience brings together industry leader, subject matter experts, and innovative practitioners to provide forward thinking and acting AEC professionals a glimpse of the possibilities to take advantage of this new wave of GNSS tools and resources.


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  • AEC Professionals

  • Surveying Professionals and Managers

  • Construction Project Managers and Contractors

Roundtable Discussions

Enjoy sharing insights with colleagues on a more informal basis? Curated virtual roundtables will give you and other members of the audience a chance to:

  • Connect on common industry challenges and successes

  • Build a sense of community and new connections

  • Evolve through benchmarking and peer learning


Most important, you’ll discover new solutions for the challenges facing GNSS in AEC.

Surveying Rovers Take the Next Step

  • Tilt compensation. The evolution from magnetic oriented to “no calibration” solutions rapidly becoming standard in high-precision GNSS rovers.

  • Image-based offset point solutions have arrived. How soon might we see on-the-pole LiDAR?  


Applications for Construction

  • Sensor integration acceleration adoption of machine guidance and control for heavy civil, transportation, and the digital construction site; grading, excavation, paving systems, materials, and 4D volumetric monitoring.

  • Grade checking, layout, inspection, and as-builts with high-precision rovers



Global Correction Services

  • Survey grade, real-time precise point positioning (PPP)

  • No RTN, no cell, no base, no problem


Advances in GNSS Constellations, Signals, and Positioning Engines


  • Updates on four constellations:

    • GPS modernization; vehicles and signals

    • Glonass; modernization

    • Galileo; the EU constellation reaching full configuration in 2020, with multiple signals for civilian use.

    • Beidou; the aggressive launch schedule saw the newest constellation reaching full configuration in 2020.

  • Advances in RTK engines; the 4th wave of GNSS receivers



Agenda and Speakers to be announced




Gavin Schrock

Consulting Editor, GoGeomatics

Speaker logo GoGeomatics.png

Gavin Schrock, PLS, is a surveyor, technology writer, consulting editor for GoGeomatics, and operates a cooperative statewide GNSS network (RTN). He has worked in surveying, mapping, data management, GNSS, and GIS for more than three decades in the civil, utility, defense, and mapping disciplines. He has published in these fields and has taught these subjects at local, state, national, and international conferences.


Agenda and Speakers to be announced

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