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June 10, 2021

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The impacts of climate change and water stress are catalyzing the need to redesign cities to be smart, sustainable and resilient. The role of earth observation technologies are central to “rebuilding better” in ensuring our urban environments are  smart, sustainable and resilient. 

This event will include sessions on:


Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities
•    Flood prediction
•    Water quality and utilities


  • City/Urban Planners

  • Drone Companies

  • Govt. Contractors

  • Utility Workers

  • Utility Contractors 

  • Geospatial Information Officers

  • Asset Managers

  • Public Works

  • Parks & Rec

  • DOT

  • State and City, CIOs, CTOs/IT Directors

  • Mapping Technology Decision Makers

  • Smart City & Infrastructure Innovation Leaders


Will Sarni

Program Moderator/Water Innovator

Will is an internationally recognized thought leader on water strategy and innovation. He has been a sustainability and water strategy advisor to multinationals, water technology companies, investors and non-governmental organizations for his entire career. Will works with multinationals on corporate water strategies, water technology innovation and water market entry strategies. His work with water technology companies is as a strategy advisor and investor. 

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