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GIS for ADA Compliance

Advancing Accessibility

22 May 2024 | 10:00am MT

Recent updates to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA emphasize new web and mobile accessibility standards that impact state and local government entities. Attend this session to learn how to integrate GIS technologies into these systems.


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This webinar is a pivotal event tailored for local government personnel, focusing on the latest developments in ADA compliance and the integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. This event will delve into recent updates to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), emphasizing the new web and mobile accessibility standards that impact state and local government entities. It aims to bridge the gap between legislative requirements and practical implementation in municipal settings.

The event will also spotlight the transformative role of GIS in enhancing ADA compliance efforts. Participants will learn about the utilization of GIS and LiDAR technologies in assessing public spaces for accessibility. These sessions aim to showcase how these technologies can streamline compliance processes, improve accuracy, and save resources.

Experts in the field will provide insights into the challenges and solutions pertaining to ADA compliance in the digital age. They will share best practices and strategies for effectively navigating ADA requirements using GIS tools, ensuring that local governments are equipped to create more accessible and inclusive communities.

This event is designed not only to inform but also to empower local government officials in their efforts to meet ADA standards, thereby fostering environments that are accessible to all citizens. It's an opportunity for municipal leaders and staff to engage with the latest ADA and GIS trends, ensuring their communities are at the forefront of accessibility and technological innovation.

GISP Points

This event may qualify for GIS Certification Institute continuing education credits.

To submit for GISP Points, visit to self-submit the event curriculum for approval




  • City Managers

  • Urban Planners

  • ADA Coordinators

  • GIS Specialist

  • Public Works Directors

  • Accessibility Consultants

  • Emergency Management Coordinators

  • IT Managers (in Government)

  • Transportation Planners

  • Human Resources Managers (Government Sector)

  • Disability Services Coordinators

  • Community Development Directors

  • Government Policy Makers

  • Infrastructure Managers

  • Compliance Officers

Key takeaways include:

  • Updated ADA Compliance Requirements: Understanding the latest ADA regulations, particularly in the context of web and mobile application accessibility for local governments.

  • GIS as a Tool for ADA Compliance: Learning how GIS and LiDAR technologies can be utilized to enhance the precision and efficiency of ADA compliance assessments in public spaces.

  • Strategies for Implementation: Gaining insights into practical strategies and best practices for integrating these new ADA standards and GIS technologies into local government operations.

  • Building Inclusive Communities: Emphasizing the importance of ADA compliance and GIS integration in fostering more accessible, inclusive, and technologically advanced communities.



10:00am - 11:30am
All times in US Denver Mountain time

Conference Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event series features a virtual auditorium, plus audience interaction via Q&A and Polls.



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