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Sponsorship Opportunities

ConnectMii's Asset Mapping Geospatial Virtual Events continue to bring leading industry experts, geospatial media partners and a wide variety of participants to create engaging, educational virtual events in our interconnected world. The virtual format makes it easier to attract more experts to take time from their busy schedules and agree to present – much less time and resource commitment than a physical conference. These events attract more attendees who are working from home or from an office, allowing them to pick and choose which session to attend, or to watch the archive videos of the recorded sessions post event at their convenience. Participating speakers and/or sponsors have access to the native MP4 video file to share internally at their organization or with customers for future use. If you have any additional questions, please contact us for more information.

Sponsor companies will be featured on various marketing materials on Asset Mapping Events and our media partners,

including but not limited to:

  • Event Online Postings

  • Banner Ads

  • Editorial Page Advertisements

  • Press Releases

  • Social Media Posts


Our marketing database includes:




Over 120,000

  • Local, state, national governmental agencies

  • GIS professionals

  • Planning/Zoning officials

  • Parks and recreation Directors

  • Assessors CAD/Drafting Professionals

  • City Managers/Municipal officials

  • Engineers Delivery/Operations

  • Professionals Electrical Engineers

  • Engineering/Design Professionals

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Environmental Specialists

  • Fire/Wildfire Mitigation Professionals

  • Fleet Professionals GIS Professionals

  • Highway/Transportation Officials

  • Infrastructure Managers

  • Innovation/Development

  • Professionals Maintenance

  • Operations Professionals Municipal

  • Financial Managers Network

  • Design/Planning Professionals

  • Public Safety/Law Enforcement professionals

  • Fire Safety professionals

  • Photogrammetrists/Remote Sensing

  • Professionals Public Works Directors

  • Public Works Professionals

  • Right-Of-Way Professionals

  • Structural Engineers/Designers

  • Subsurface Engineers

  • Surveyors/Landscape

  • Architects Traffic/Lighting

  • Professionals Transportation

  • Engineers Utilities

  • Professionals/Managers Utility

  • Arborists Vegetation Management

  • Professionals Water/Wastewater

  • Maintenance Professionals Wireless

  • Network Engineers 
    ...and more


  • Social media campaigns on multi-platform marketing platforms

  • Global reach email marketing campaigns through global media partners

Targeted social media promotion

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Using GIS for State and Local Government Asset Management EVENT SERIES


AI Workshops for Local Government



* Custom sponsorship packages available. Contact us for details.

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