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Utility Mapping and Asset Management 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 

As-built mapping of utility infrastructure, updating asset records live-in-the-field, work order management, and ‘geo-fencing’ for right-of-way work; these are some of the productivity benefits that a new wave of field mobility brings.

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The utility industry is at the precipice of a major change, which is a digital transformation. Several key factors driving this transformation include technological advancements, regulatory tailwinds, new industry standards, and the adoption of new technological solutions by major influencers.

There are over 35 million miles of buried utilities and pipelines in the U.S., and the majority of them were installed between 50 to 100 years ago, well before any oversight, regulations, or compliance regarding where they were installed. They were also never intended to support the levels of population growth our nation has experienced over the past hundred years. It is a well-known fact that our critical surface infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and highways, has become dilapidated and is in serious need of repair and replacement. But what is less known is that our subsurface infrastructure, which is comprised of our water and sewage systems and oil and gas lines, has also become dilapidated and is in desperate need of repair and replacement. 

Today we have reached a critical juncture in which the precise location of this vast underground network must be determined in order to effectively and efficiently repair, replace, and expand it as our demand for utility services only increases with each passing year. 


  • City, State, and Regional Transportation Professionals

  • City Engineers

  • City/Urban/Transport Planners

  • GIS/Geospatial Professionals & Analysts

  • Mapping Technology Decision Makers

  • Smart City Innovation Leaders

  • State and Local Government CIOs, CTOs, and IT directors

  • Public Works Directors/Asset Managers

  • Parks & Recreation Directors

  • University/Enterprise Asset Managers

  • DOT Officials

  • Traffic & Transit Engineers/Design Consultants

  • Transit Planners and Administrators

  • Drafters & Surveyors

  • Geospatial Application Developers

  • Project Engineers & Managers

  • Public Works/Roadway Maintenance Supervisors

  • and others ...

In this webinar, you will learn about new technologies that are evolving and how technology providers, large gas companies, and government agencies are leading the digital transformation to help resolve this serious issue that threatens our economy as well as the safety of the public and the environment.

Conference Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event features a virtual auditorium, plus intuitive one-on-one private meetings by video.  Meet and network with speakers, attendees and sponsors in custom video lounges.

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This event may qualify for GIS Certification Institute continuing education credits.

To submit for GISP Points, visit to self-submit the event curriculum for approval



February 21, 2023
All times in US Mountain time



Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky, Geospatial Solutions Director, Bad Elf

An introduction and overview of the day's proceedings.

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An Overview of Utility Mapping and Asset Management, SUE and Standards

Page Tucker, CEO/President, ProStar Geocorp

An Overview of Utility Mapping and Asset Management, with a focus on the state of the industry, who it affects, how large and complex a problem we are facing, and how it can be addressed.  Highlights on digital transformation that the industry is going to witness, and the key indicators as well as the drivers including modern Cloud, Mobile and GPS technologies, regulatory tailwinds and early adopters. 


This session will also provide an overview of educational information surrounding how technology has shaped SUE and the update to UESI/ASCE 38 and 75 standards.  Presentation will go through some terminology and definitions along with changes the standards, and will cover how technology and mapping software has helped shape repositories and deliverables to clients.

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The value of accurate and precise data collection

Rodney Carlson, Geospatial Data Analytics Manager, FEMA

An overview of Resilient UMAM networks and the value of accurate and precise data collection, as well as an introduction to the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).

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Solution Overview

Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky, Geospatial Solutions Director, Bad Elf

A brief overview of Bad Elf technology solutions for Utility Mapping and Asset Management.

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Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Page Tucker, CEO/President, ProStar Geocorp
Rodney Carlson, Geospatial Data Analytics Manager, FEMA
Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky, Geospatial Solutions Director, Bad Elf

Panel conversations and audience Q&A

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Page Tucker

CEO/President, ProStar Geocorp

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Page Tucker has an extensive background in technology start-ups, including development, marketing, recruiting, capital financing and executive management. Page first became known as a technology visionary in the automotive industry for combining data mining and predictive modeling with geographic information systems. Page was the founder of Impact Solutions, Inc., a Silicon Valley based company he formed to provide state-of-the-art digital mapping and customer acquisition solutions to the automotive industry. Page reorganized Impact Solutions and formed e-autobusiness, the pioneer in the development of a web-based CRM solution that provided services to well over 900 dealerships throughout the United States before being acquired. Page went on to author 13 patents based on geospatial, mobile and cloud technologies including the methods for capturing, recording and displaying the precise location of buried infrastructure and in 2014 founded ProStar®. In 2016 the Colorado Technology Association named him Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts and innovations in the development of ProStar’s Precision Mapping Solutions®. Today, Page continues to serve as the company’s CEO and President.

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Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky, PhD, GISP

Geospatial Solutions Director, Bad Elf

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Nikolas Smilovsky, PhD, GISP is a Geospatial Evangelist, Solutions Provider, and Educator, as well as Geospatial Solutions Director with Bad Elf. For nearly two decades Dr. Smilovsky has focused his efforts on the professional and academic expansion of the geospatial professions. Whether working for a plethora of different types of private consulting firms collecting, analyzing, and displaying geographic data or working as an academic, researching and contributing to the corpus of educational knowledge, his passion in life is geography. As an energetic and enthusiastic public speaker, teacher, and thought leader he has enjoyed sharing successes with others and seeing them flourish. Specifically, his interests in the geospatial fields include the geography of behavior, sustainable and resilient geodesign, geographic science pedagogy (especially online education), and geospatial technologies as a whole. Nik loves innovative GIS tech and is a Geoholic! He is also a certified arborist, UAS Remote Pilot and Esri ArcGIS professional.

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Rodney Carlson

Geospatial Data Analytics Manager, FEMA

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Rodney Carlson has 30 years’ experience in Land Surveying, Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Master Plan Development design, and Commercial and Residential Construction. He has been involved in TELCOM OSP planning and implementing policy at the Federal level working with the FCC and NTIA, including with Obama Administration Broadband infrastructure policy reports. Rodney has worked in 3D modeling, LiDAR, Geographical Information Systems, Mobile Mapping and Remote Sensing.


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Bad Elf GNSS receivers deliver affordable accuracy through easy-to-use hardware supported by continuously evolving firmware, apps, and cloud services. Founded in 2010, Bad Elf created the first Made for iOS external GPS accessory and now enables high performance location services for all mobile platforms.

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ProStar is recognized as a world leader in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions® Our flagship product is PointMan, proven to significantly enhance the workflow processes and business practices associated with the installation and management of critical infrastructure both above and below the Earth’s surface.

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