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Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Mobile Scanning 

30 January 2024

Want to solve the 3D data-collection trade-off between speed and accuracy?
Join this session to learn about 3D reality capture technology.

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You’re invited to an exclusive live session where we will delve deep into the realm of 3D reality capture technology. Join us as we explore the nuanced differences between mobile scanning and terrestrial laser scanning — and uncover how they are more closely intertwined than you might think.
Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How terrestrial laser scanning and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) reduce costs by minimizing rework and facilitating accurate data collection.

  • How terrestrial laser scanning delivers unparalleled precision for surveying, as-built documentation, structural inspections and more.

  • The importance of real-time mapping with SLAM for efficient construction progress monitoring, geospatial mapping, virtual simulation and more.

  • The benefits of combining terrestrial laser scanning and SLAM for comprehensive data capture and enhanced project efficiency.

This webinar is tailored for surveyors, measurement service providers, geospatial professionals, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and anyone keen on harnessing the latest advancements in mapping technology to enhance their projects. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts and explore cutting-edge technology — like the new FARO® Orbis™ Mobile Scanner.



  • Sectors:        

    • Land Surveying

    • Geospatial Technology

    • Government (Urban Planning Departments)

    • Civil Engineering

    • Environmental Monitoring

    • Architecture, Engineering, Construction

    • Utilities and Infrastructure

    • Oil and Gas Exploration

    • Heritage Preservation

  • Roles:

    • Land Surveyors

    • GIS Professionals

    • Urban Planners

    • Civil Engineers

    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Specialists

    • Architects and Designers

    • Construction Project Managers

    • Utility Engineers

    • Geologists and Engineers

    • Preservationists

  • Organizations:

    • Surveying companies

    • Geospatial technology companies

    • Municipal or city planning departments

    • Engineering firms

    • Environmental assessment and monitoring agencies

    • Architectural companies

    • Construction firmsUtility management organizations

    • Oil and gas exploration companies

    • Heritage preservation bodies

GISP Points

This event may qualify for GIS Certification Institute continuing education credits.

To submit for GISP Points, visit to self-submit the event curriculum for approval



Tuesday, January 30, 2024
10:00am - 11:30am
All times in US Denver Mountain time


Welcome Remarks | Introduction to the Reality Capture Ecosystem
David Bonney, 
Director Channel Sales, FARO Technologies

Bonney David FARO.jpg

Laser Scanning in the Field: Real-World Examples of Different Use Cases The Reality Capture Toolbox

Kelly Obermeyer, 
Field Application Engineer, FARO Technologies

Obermeyer Kelly FARO.jpg

The Trade-off Between Speed and Accuracy: SLAM vs. Terrestrial Laser Scanning | The Solution: Hybrid Reality Capture and Flash Technology

David Bonney, 
Director Channel Sales, FARO Technologies

Bonney David FARO.jpg

Orbis vs Focus Premium: Tradeoff Between Speed and Accuracy

Chris Fries, Civil Design Lead, Tetra Tech Rooney

TetraTech Rooney conducted a pilot project comparing the Faro scanning technologies, including  a scan of the existing refined products facility with our Faro Focus S350 and with the Orbis. Point clouds were exported into Autodesk ReCap to be consumed in the Autodesk products, Civil 3D, AutoCad Plant 3D, and Revit. A combination of both scan types were used for as-built modeling existing equipment. We will show the difference between the Focus vs Orbis data quantity and quality.

Fries Chris TetraTechRooney.jpg

Panel Discussion / Audience Q&A / Closing Remarks

David Bonney, Director Channel Sales, FARO Technologies
Kelly Obermeyer, Field Application Engineer, FARO Technologies
Chris Fries, Civil Design Lead, Tetra Tech Rooney

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Conference Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event series features a virtual auditorium, plus audience interaction via Q&A and Polls.



Fries Chris TetraTechRooney.jpg

Chris Fries

Civil Design Lead, Tetra Tech Rooney

TetraTech Rooney spkr logo.png

Chris Fries is a Civil Design Lead with Tetra Tech Rooney. Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services worldwide, and Tetra Tech Rooney (TtR) specializes in petroleum and natural gas transmission pipelines, pumping, compression, metering, processing, and storage systems. Prior to joining TtR, Chris worked as a Project Coordinator at Stantec and Kirkham Michael, a CAD Manager/Designer at Carter & Burgess and a Senior Engineering Technician at Turner Collie & Braden - a total of over 26 years of professional experience in project management, civil engineering, construction observation, and surveying, including the Enbridge Pipelines - Sandpiper Pipeline Project. Chris has experience laser scanning existing facilities with FARO and Leica Scanners, Post processing, Registering point clouds, and import into CAD.

Obermeyer Kelly FARO.jpg

Kelly Ann Obermeyer

Field Application Engineer, FARO Technologies

FARO spkr logo.png

Kelly Obermeyer is a Field Applications Engineer and as-built product expert at FARO Technologies. She graduated with a civil engineering degree and began her career in the oil and gas industry. Kelly’s first role involved using a handheld scanner to measure corrosion on pipelines to obtain measurements for burst pressure calculations. After finding success using a handheld scanner, her team expanded to working with long-range 3D scanners. She used a FARO Focus Laser Scanner to scan pump stations, refineries, and offshore rigs, then registered the data in FARO SCENE Software, and used FARO’s As-Built™ plugin for AutoCAD® Plant3D to create 3D models and isometric drawings. After seven years of field work, Kelly joined FARO, where she has worked for the past three years.

Bonney David FARO.jpg

David Bonney

Director Channel Sales, FARO Technologies

FARO spkr logo.png

David Bonney, a University of Maryland alum, holds a degree in Geographic Information Systems. He started his career at the world’s largest Earth observation organization, collaborating with global distributors to bring that technology into the mainstream. Later, he ventured into a space-based geo-analytics startup, again working with distributors to bring video/image data and analytics captured from the International Space Station, to end users around the world. Since 2019, as the head of US distribution for GeoSLAM (now FARO), David combines his expertise in sales and technology to help drive sales of cutting-edge lidar technology within the AECO sector, connecting end-users with innovative solutions through trusted distribution channels.



FARO spkr logo.png

FARO provides the most precise 3D measurement, imaging and realization technologies for manufacturing, construction and public safety analytics industries. As the global leader in 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions, bridging the digital and physical worlds is what FARO does best. We help manufacturers eliminate costly errors, builders construct astonishing projects and law enforcement establish better cases. We give engineers, designers and investigators the tools to get to “that’s it!” faster. We understand the ways our customers do their jobs. And more than anything, they know they can always depend on us.

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xyHt is a group of publications on geospatial topics—for professionals and “prosumers”—published by XYHT, LLC. We’re a source for news and analytics about land surveying, GNSS, UAS, hydrography, 3D imaging, and more (for a full overview of our coverage, scroll past the covers gallery below). We’re based in North America but our eyes and interests are international.

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