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RFID Asset Tracking Applications

in Local Government

Thursday, May 9 2024

10:00am MT

RFID is revolutionizing local governance.  Attend this session to learn how
RFID can transform operations, and enhance local government services.



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Attend this session for a deep dive into RFID’s use in asset tracking and asset management.  Learn how it can streamline operations and enhance efficiencies for local governments. Learn from real-world cases how RFID can: 

  • Track assets as they move through a facility

  • Allow employees to see asset locations in real time

  • Help employees gain visibility into equipment status and plan resource use

  • Improve efficiencies and cut costs

This introductory course demystifies RFID technology, explains how it functions, and details its advantages over other tracking methods. This foundational knowledge is crucial for understanding RFID’s potential impact on government operations.

The session focuses on the diverse applications of RFID in local government contexts, such as asset tracking, waste management, and public transportation. Attendees will learn how RFID can streamline processes, ensuring more accurate and efficient operations. This segment is particularly insightful, as it demonstrates how RFID can lead to significant cost savings and operational improvements.

Real-world success stories are shared in a case study segment, where participants will gain valuable insights from various municipalities that have successfully integrated RFID technology. This part of the webinar is especially beneficial, as it provides practical examples and lessons learned, highlighting the tangible impact of RFID in local government settings.



  • City engineers

  • Construction project managers

  • Fleet and facilities managers

  • GIS managers/coordinators

  • Inspectors and field staff

  • IT managers/staff

  • Permitting and code enforcement staff

  • Planning and zoning officials

  • Public procurement/purchasing managers

  • Public works directors/engineers

  • Sustainability officers

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding and Implementing RFID: Attendees will gain a solid understanding of RFID technology and learn how to implement it effectively within local government operations, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in asset management and other services.

  • Real-world Applications and Benefits: The webinar provides insights into the diverse applications of RFID in local governments, showcasing its benefits in various sectors such as waste management, public transportation, and library systems, highlighting RFID's role in enhancing operational efficiency and cost savings.

  • Learning from Success Stories: Through case studies of municipalities that have successfully implemented RFID, attendees will learn practical lessons and strategies for effective RFID deployment, including overcoming challenges and maximizing the technology's impact.



9 May 2024
10:00am - 11:30am
All times in US Denver Mountain time



Moderator's Welcome Remarks

Moderator: Martha Mallon, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Impinj

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  • Webinar welcome and introduction of speakers



RFID Technology Basics

Joe Gomillion, Senior Sales Director, Endpoint IC Sales, Impinj

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  • RAIN RFID Explained 

  • How Impinj Enables Asset Management 

  • How RAIN RFID Empowers Operational Efficiency 



RFID Tagging for Effective Asset Tracking

Paul Brown, VP of Sales, Hana Technologies Inc

  • The benefits of quality tagging in Local Government Operations - a detailed look at how asset tagging can improve visibility to items and drive efficiency in municipal operations.



Asset Tracking Applications in Local Governments Using TagMatiks

Archit Dua, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, RFID4U

Dua Archit RFID4U_edited.jpg
  • Why you should use RAIN RFID for Asset Tracking

  • Easy to implement use cases 

  • How TagMatiks AT Lite can be used to start your RFID Asset Tracking journey



Panel Discussion / Audience Q&A

Moderator: Martha Mallon, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Impinj
Archit Dua, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, RFID4U 
Joe Gomillion, Senior Sales Director, Endpoint IC Sales, Impinj

Paul Brown, VP of Sales, Hana Technologies Inc

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  • A panel discussion of the Basics of RFID in Local Government, with live audience question-and-answers.



Closing Remarks

Moderator: Martha Mallon, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Impinj

Mallon Martha Impinj_edited_edited.jpg
  • Session wrap-up and audience take-aways.

Conference Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event series features a virtual auditorium, plus audience interaction via Q&A and Polls.



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Martha Mallon

Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Impinj

Impinj_spkr logo.png

Martha Mallon supports Impinj’s partner ecosystem and the Impinj Partner Network by developing global corporate, partner, and end-customer sales and marketing programs. 

Dua Archit RFID4U_edited.jpg

Archit Dua

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, RFID4U

RFID4U spkr logo.png

As a team member at RFID4U, Archit Dua has been instrumental in rollouts of numerous global RFID projects. Leveraging his technical background and practical experience, Archit helps companies to successfully implement RFID projects

Gomillion Joe Impinj_edited.jpg

Joe Gomillion

Senior Sales Director, Endpoint IC Sales, Impinj

Impinj_spkr logo.png

Joe Gomillion is responsible for managing relationships across the Impinj tagging ecosystem and working with tag and inlay partners to deliver solutions for customers. 


Paul Brown

VP of Sales, Hana Technologies, Inc.

Hana-spkr logo.png

Paul has more than 30 years of sales experience in the electronics manufacturing industry which includes over 20 years of experience in RFID.  



Impinj_spkr logo.png

Impinj enables digital transformation by extending the Internet’s reach from the cloud, through edge connectivity devices, all the way to physical items. Our connectivity platform provides a foundation for our partners to develop IoT solutions that help you virtualize, analyze and optimize your business.

RFID4U spkr logo.png

RFID4U, is a global solutions provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), IoT and mobility solutions. As part of the company’s offerings, it provides customers business intelligence leveraging its software platform, TagMatiks across verticals including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, as well as Supply Chain and Logistics.

Established in 1999, RFID4U is the world’s most prominent RFID training & solution provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies and also provides RFID hardware through its eCommerce front, RFID4U leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to bolster its solutions in the marketplace.

Hana-spkr logo.png

Hana RFID, a leader in the identification/IoT industry, is a dedicated RFID manufacturer offering an array of RFID products to its customers. Our RFID products serve as crucial semi-finished products for authenticating histories, streamlining tracking and inventory management, and enhancing consumer interactions.  We support the ever-growing supply chain & logistics, retail, governmental, industrial manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, agricultural & food production, and the Aviation/Aerospace markets.  Hana’s work with governmental agencies helps ensure efficiency, transparency, and public trust in operations.  Our expertise lies in a unique blend of material knowledge and innovative design capabilities, combined with our global manufacturing capacity to support our customers locally.  Our solutions are not just about tagging and tracking; they are about unlocking new possibilities in connectivity, service efficiency and customer focus.

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