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Governance and Tech: Actionable Roadmaps for Municipal AI Use

Wednesday, 10 January 2024

12:00pm MT

Every municipality can and should be prepared to navigate the path from AI procurement to reporting. Attend this session to explore what AI could mean for your community.



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No municipality can have a fully developed policy for technology that’s evolving as fast as AI, but every municipality can be prepared for how to navigate this path from procurement to reporting. In this session, municipal leaders will share both policy and technology perspectives on actionable steps for any community, regardless of how resourced it is, to map their own way forward for responsible AI exploration and use in municipal government.

​Key take-aways include:

  • AI is moving too rapidly to ignore, but rigid planning isn’t appropriate

  • Test, learn, and engage constituents and stakeholders as you go

  • Municipal AI roadmaps can support varying resource levels – it’s not all about fat budgets​

Whether you’re technologically inclined, policy focused, or into innovative service delivery, this session will help you have an idea of what AI could mean for your community and how to explore it without the hype or hysteria.



  • Organizations:​

    • Cities/Towns/Municipalities

    • Counties/Parishes

    • Public/Private Partnerships at the local and regional level

  • Roles:

    • State and local Chief Privacy Officers, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers, CISOs and their staffs

    • Early adopting Analysts, Managers, Department Heads and Division Directors

    • Elected Officials interested in municipal services innovation, AI, and data

  • Sectors:

    • Public Administration

    • Public Information Services

    • Law Enforcement/Fire/Public Safety

    • Revenue and Tax

    • Purchasing

    • Public Health

    • Election Administration

    • Land Administration

    • Transportation Planning & Management

    • Utilities Planning & Management

    • Economic Development

    • Urban Planning

    • Parks and Recreation

    • Public Works

    • Sustainability

    • Welfare and Human Services

    • Environmental Planning, Management, and Services

    • Risk Management

    • and more ...



Wednesday, January 10, 2024
12:00 - 1:15pm
All times in US Denver Mountain time



Moderator's Welcome Remarks

Dan Reus
Founder & Chief Instigator, Openly Disruptive

Reus Dan OpenlyDisruptive_edited.jpg

An introduction and overview of the session.



Building Thoughtfully with AI for Municipal Technology

Aaron Judy
Chief of Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Office of Enterprise Technology (OET)
Maricopa County

Judy Aaron Maricopa.jpg

AI is early. It shows promise but in many cases municipal procurement and policy isn’t yet ready for it. In his AI and innovation role with the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Aaron is building with AI without big budgets or commitments to vendors. He will share this thoughtful approach from a tech and builder perspective and offer some thoughts on others can find similar success.



Privacy, Trust and AI for Municipal Government

Albert Gehami
City Privacy Officer, City of San José

Gehami Albert SanJose.jpg

If AI is to offer benefits to local government, it has to be trusted by residents and local government stakeholders. Albert will share how his Privacy role with San Jose has led to a governance framework that other communities can use wherever they are on the resource and technological readiness continuums. Albert will share key ideas on privacy, trust, and AI and point to how you can adapt them for your own community.



Panel Discussion / Audience Q&A

Moderator: Dan Reus, Founder & Chief Instigator, Openly Disruptive
Aaron Judy, 
Chief of Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) Maricopa County
Albert Gehami,City Privacy Officer, City of San José

Panel session icon.jpg

A panel discussion of AI in governance and tech, with actionable roadmaps for municipal AI use.  Live audience question-and-answers.



Closing Remarks

Dan Reus
Founder & Chief Instigator, Openly Disruptive

Reus Dan OpenlyDisruptive_edited.jpg

Session wrap-up and audience take-aways.


Reus Dan OpenlyDisruptive_edited.jpg

Dan Reus

Founder & Chief Instigator
Openly Distruptive

OpenlyDisruptive spkr logo.png

Dan Reus has over 20 years experience helping Fortune 100 firms and startups practice open innovation to connect with new and existing customers, partners, opportunities, technology and ways to operate. Dan has worked with over a thousand startups, strategics, non-profit leaders, and investors. He provides innovation program development and management, coaching and advising, ecosystem mapping and engagement, public speaking and workshops on how to disruptively innovate as part of a larger wave of disruption. He works with clients from ag/food, consumer products and services, deep tech, healthtech, professional services, biotech, entertainment, publishing industries.

Judy Aaron Maricopa.jpg

Aaron Judy

Chief of Innovation & Emerging Technologies
Office of Enterprise Technology (OET), Maricopa County

Maricopa Cty logo.png

Aaron Judy has been named the Chief of Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) for Maricopa County in Arizona.  Previously the Chief of Innovation and AI at the Clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Aaron is an award-winning leader, recognized with the 2021 GovTech FutureReady and 2021 CIO Magazine and IDC FutureEdge awards. He's also been distinguished as one of CIO Magazine and IDC's "Ones to Watch" in 2020.

Gehami Albert SanJose.jpg

Albert Gehami

City Privacy Officer
City of San José

San Jose City logo.png

Albert Gehami is the Privacy Officer for the City of San José, overseeing responsible and effective deployment of AI, technology, and data initiatives. The City of San José has been recognized as a national leader in privacy and AI governance, serving as the lead agency in the GovAI Coalition of over 70 agencies committed to effective and responsible AI and vendor accountability.



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It’s hard to keep your eyes open to the forest and the trees and stay focused while trying to build something no one’s ever seen before. Innovation Advising is for you if you’re working on something never seen before and need an innovation ally to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges arising, especially if you don’t want a big firm’s fees for helping you. Innovation Advising includes regular conversations with Openly Disruptive’s Dan Reus, talking through your opportunities and challenges and helping you understand how you want to act on them, connecting the dots to emerging leaders, tech, and ideas adjacent to your strengths, and holding you accountable so you can fully focus on building something amazing.

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The World Geospatial Industry Council is an association of companies representing the entire ecosystem of geospatial industry. WGIC endeavors to enhance the role of the geospatial industry and strengthen its contribution in global economy and society. We facilitate exchange of knowledge within the geospatial industry and co-creation of larger business opportunities for the geospatial industry. We represent business interest, share perspectives of the geospatial industry and undertake policy advocacy and dialogue with public authorities, multilateral agencies and other relevant bodies.

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The National League of Cities (NLC) is an organization comprised of city, town and village leaders that are focused on improving the quality of life for their current and future constituents. With nearly 100 years of dedication to the strength and advancement of local governments, NLC has gained the trust and support of more than 2,700 cities across the nation. Our mission is to relentlessly advocate for, and protect the interests of, cities, towns and villages by influencing federal policy, strengthening local leadership and driving innovative solutions.

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