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GIS for Bridge Inspection
and Management

23 July 2024 | 10:00am MT

Inspecting and managing bridges is a is an important requirement for local governments.  Attend this session to learn the benefits of GIS technology integration in modern bridge inspection and management

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Pointcloud taken of bridge looking for structural weaknesses. Data collected using and OxTS xNAV650 INS and Velodyne VLP-16 Lidar. Data processed using OxTS Georeferencer. (Image: OxTS)


In today's rapidly evolving urban landscape, the role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in enhancing infrastructure management has never been more crucial. Our upcoming webinar, tailored specifically for Local Governments, delves deep into the transformative power of GIS in road and bridge inspection and management. Attendees will gain insights into establishing efficient road and bridge inventories, harnessing advanced GIS technologies, and leveraging these tools for impactful community engagement and economic advancement.


Through real-world examples, success stories, and expert-led discussions, participants will learn how GIS can elevate local governance, boost safety standards, and foster community trust. This is not just an informational session; it's a blueprint for local governments to usher in a new era of informed decision-making and strategic planning. By attending, local government representatives will equip themselves with the knowledge and resources to make their communities safer, more efficient, and more responsive to residents' needs. Join us and map the path to your community's brighter future.


This event may qualify for GIS Certification Institute continuing education credits.

To submit for GISP Points, visit to self-submit the event curriculum for approval

Who Should Attend

In Local Government, the development and management of bridge inventory would typically interest a variety of roles and departments. Here's a breakdown of who might benefit from attending the webinar:

Local Government Representatives and Officials:

  • Mayors, Councilmembers, and City Managers

  • Departments heads and staff from Public Works, Urban Planning, and Transportation

GIS Professionals:

  • GIS analysts, technicians, and managers working in or for local governments

  • Consultants specializing in GIS services for public infrastructure

Infrastructure and Maintenance Teams:

  • Engineers and technicians responsible for roads, bridges, and other public infrastructures

  • Professionals involved in asset management and maintenance planning

Urban Planners and Developers:

  • Individuals and firms involved in city development, redevelopment, or master planning initiatives

Community Engagement Specialists:

  • Professionals tasked with building bridges between local governance and the community

  • Those focused on ensuring public awareness and participation in urban development projects

Emergency Response and Public Safety Officials:

  • Given the role of infrastructure in emergency response, officials from fire, police, and medical response teams can benefit from understanding the capabilities of GIS

Economic and Policy Analysts:

  • Those who look at the broader economic implications of infrastructure investments and need data-driven insights



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