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An over-reliance on GPS/GNSS for positioning, navigation and timing applications underscores key vulnerabilities. Certainly, for defense, security, safety, commerce, and critical infrastructure face these challenges. But geospatial disciplines would be particularly acutely impacted as they rely on higher precision applications than many of these other segments.


The good news is that there are many emerging technologies that show promise as backups and alternatives. This includes efforts to improve the resiliency of GNSS,; this includes the detection and mitigation of jamming and spoofing, providing encryption, and improvements through the modernization of all constellations.


Backups and alternatives to GNSS, as the primary source of PNT, include terrestrial systems, low earth orbit satellites, alternative signals and use of signals of opportunity, and terrestrial paths for precision timing. Geospatial disciplines do not solely rely on the positioning and navigation aspects of PNT. Precision timing is essential for the information technology we take for granted, and has become even more critical as AEC, geospatial, and infrastructure data and workflows further digitalize and move to the cloud.


In this one-day seminar, we examine PNT alternatives and GNSS resiliency technologies, presented by developers and early implementers. You will hear about PNT solutions based on alternate signals, signals of opportunity, light, integrated inertial, alt satellites, and various tech that is also being developed for indoor navigation and positioning.


This free virtual conference experience brings together industry leader, subject matter experts, and innovative practitioners to provide forward thinking and acting geospatial professionals a glimpse of the possibilities to take advantage of this new wave of alternate PNT solutions, tools, and resources.



Professionals and practitioners of the following industries that rely on precise positioning, navigation, and timing:

  • Information Technology

  • GIS and Geospatial

  • AEC, Surveying and Mapping

  • Critical Infrastructure

    • Rail​

    • Air

    • Telecom

    • Financial Services

  • Location Based Services

  • Public Safety and Emergency Services

Roundtable Discussions

Enjoy sharing insights with colleagues on a more informal basis?  Curated virtual roundtables will give you and other members of the audience a chance to:

  • Connect on common industry challenges and successes

  • Build a sense of community and new connections

  • Evolve through benchmarking and peer learning


Most important, you’ll discover new solutions for the challenges facing PNT alternatives.

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Precision Positioning Alternatives

  • Terrestrial signal-based solutions

  • LEO – low earth orbit satellites

  • Integrated systems


Precision Navigation Alternatives

  • Terrestrial signal-based solutions

  • LEO – low earth orbit satellites

  • Indoor navigation and positioning

  • Integrated solutions


Precision Timing Alternatives

  • How dependent is AEC and critical infrastructure on precision timing?

  • Security and encryption

  • Fiber and terrestrial signal alternatives

  • LEO – low earth orbit satellites



Agenda and Speakers to be announced




Gavin Schrock

Consulting Editor, GoGeomatics

Speaker logo GoGeomatics.png

Gavin Schrock, PLS, is a surveyor, technology writer, consulting editor for GoGeomatics, and operates a cooperative statewide GNSS network (RTN). He has worked in surveying, mapping, data management, GNSS, and GIS for more than three decades in the civil, utility, defense, and mapping disciplines. He has published in these fields and has taught these subjects at local, state, national, and international conferences.


Agenda and Speakers to be announced

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