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Advancements for AEC

Michael Cousins

Practice Leader for GIS, OHM Advisors

Michael Cousins is the Practice Leader for GIS at the Community Advancement firm OHM Advisors. He graduated from Michigan State University and has been practicing GIS for 15 years now. Mike is a certified GIS Professional (GISP) and a certified ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Professional. He has been with OHM Advisors for 7 years and specializes in the areas of GIS, GPS, asset management, mixed reality (MR) applications and other innovative technologies. Mike has been partnered with Eos Positioning Systems (Eos) and is an advocate for their exceptional products and solutions, including the Arrow Series GNSS receivers & the new Eos Locate.   

Eric Gakstatter


Eric has been involved in the high-accuracy GNSS industry for 30 years. He spent 10 years as a product manager developing high-accuracy GNSS hardware and software products before starting his GNSS consulting company and becoming a power user of GNSS technology. Eric has helped hundreds of organizations implement high-accuracy GNSS receivers and workflows. For more than ten years, Eric was a contributing editor to GPS World magazine.

John Hamilton


Mr. Hamilton has been involved with geodesy almost exclusively since entering the surveying field in 1981. After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University in 1986, he has been performing GPS and geodetic surveys across the United States and overseas as well. He is personally involved with all facets, ranging from client relations, to field work, to office computations. John has developed numerous software programs for processing and analysis of data, and has submitted dozens of projects for inclusion in the National Spatial Reference System.

Brant Howard

Co-Founder and Director

Brant is Founder and Director of CompassData Inc. a GIS mapping, surveying and data provider for the Drone, Aerial and Satellite Remote Sensing Community since 1994. CompassDrone is a division of CompassData. Mr. Howard utilizes his 40 years of experience in contract engineering, technical sales, marketing and management to lead CompassData as an international provider of photo-identifiable ground control for GIS and remote sensing applications. He has been an innovator in providing ground control as off-the-shelf content to photogrammetry professionals with consistent delivery of accurate control data in a timely response. Mr. Howard has Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Geology from Indiana University.  His experience includes the U.S. Geological Survey; Camp, Dresser & McKee Inc., entrepreneur endeavors in the Remote Sensing, GPS and the electronic technology professions. Mr. Howard holds Patents in Geospatial and Mobile Resource Management technology. He has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver, made numerous presentations at seminars and  conferences worldwide. Mr. Howard has authored articles in technical journals relating to Geology, GIS, remote Sensing and Mobile Resource Management.

Bob Kilburn

Survey and Engineering Product & 

Applications Manager

Bob Kilburn has a diverse surveying background encompassing many roles in both the field and office. He began his career as a Marine field artillery forward observer, then spent some time as a rod man and crew chief before moving into technology support and training for surveying equipment and software. Bob served as the Leica Geosystems survey sales and support representative in Wisconsin for five years before stepping into the role of product manager for the U.S. In this capacity, he is focused on listening to the ideas, needs, and challenges of professionals to help find solutions that increase surveying efficiency and productivity.

Jean-Yves Lauture

CTO, Eos Positioning Systems

Jean-Yves Lauture is credited with creating the world's first submeter Bluetooth GPS receiver and the world’s first high-accuracy receivers that also works with any commercial iOS/Android/Windows smartphone or tablet. He is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Esri-award-winning GNSS (GPS) receiver manufacturer and Canadian company Eos Positioning Systems.

Billy Musick, PLS

Director of Research and Innovation

Billy Musick is a Professional Land Surveyor with broad survey and mapping experience that spans Boundary, Topographic, Design, Construction and As Built Mapping Surveys; his 32 years of experience also includes GIS Data Acquisition as well as GPS and boundary surveys along with experience in the Oil & Gas industry. With his survey license in Oklahoma, Billy currently serves as the Director of Research and Innovation for AllTerra Central, the premier Trimble distributor for Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Billy provides direct insights to new advancements in survey
technology such as 3-D Laser Scanners, Mobile Mapping Systems & UAVs. His role also includes looking at what technological improvements are on the horizon.

Alexandre Novo Lamoso

Director, Geosystems Department

Alexandre Novo Lamoso is Director of the Geosystems Division at IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon.  He is a PhD Environmental Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in Ground-Penetrating Radar technology, both at industrial and academic levels. He began his career as a consultant for several companies in Europe, Asia and America, with the main focus on 3D GPR array systems (HW/SW development, data acquisition and data processing). His work adventures included participating in a National Geographic documentary searching for the tomb of Genghis Khan in northern Mongolia.  Alex is the author or co-author of more than 30 scientific publications, and he has participated in numerous conferences.  He has neen invited as visiting scholar and lecturer to universities and research centers in USA, Canada, several countries in Europe, Japan, Cuba, Colombia and Iran.

Joseph V.R. Paiva

CEO - GeoLearn

Joseph V.R. Paiva, PhD, PS, PE is CEO of GeoLearn, an online education company providing online continuing education to the geospatial community. Joe’s career includes surveying and engineering practice, including management and ownership, various roles including vice president at Sokkia and Trimble, several years as a consultant in various areas of surveying which included expert witness research and testimony. While his work at Sokkia and Trimble culminated with management responsibilities, his core work was in the areas of product development, application expertise and management of development teams. As an independent consultant he has also worked in the international arena to help startups and established companies in the geospatial industry with product development, distribution and merger and acquisition. He is an unmanned airborne systems pioneer since 2010, having worked with Gatewing in development, marketing, manufacturing, general management and M&A. Joe's  been a seminar and conference organizer and presenter since the 1970s. He also has an academic side, having taught for 11 years at the university level, and continues to this day at several institutions as an adjunct, using the technology at GeoLearn to develop better educational resources for students.

Phil Ponce, PE

Vice President of Engineering Mapping Solutions

Phil Ponce is an Arizona Registered Civil Engineer graduating from Norther Arizona University in 1984.  He is part owner and Vice President of Engineering Mapping Solutions specializing in GIS since 1998. Responsibilities include marketing, and project manager/quality control adviser for all projects. Specific focus is placed on infrastructure management and C#.NET programming targeted for the dissemination of engineering information and GIS mapping. Mr. Ponce coordinates directly with the users to ensure their unique development needs are being met.

Gavin Schrock

Program Moderator/Consulting Editor

Gavin Schrock, PLS is a surveyor, technology writer, consulting editor for Geospatial World Magazine, and operates a cooperative statewide GNSS network (RTN). He has worked in surveying, mapping, data management, GNSS, and GIS for more than three decades in the civil, utility, defense, and mapping disciplines. He has published in these fields and has taught these subjects at local, state, national, and international conferences. 

Nikolas Smilovsky, PhD, GISP

Director of GIS Solutions 

Dr. Smilovsky is the GIS Solutions Director at Bad Elf, LLC. Dr S also is a faculty member at Arizona State University teaching a wide variety of geospatial classes. At Bad Elf he focuses on providing geographic information solutions for clients. 

Rusty Steel

Geospatial Team Leader

Rusty Steel is the Geospatial Team Leader for Halff Associates, Inc., and brings over sixteen years of geospatial and remote sensing experience to the firm. Rusty’s Project Management experience includes aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR with manned, and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), mobile LiDAR systems, terrestrial based high definition laser scanning, and Structure from Motion (SfM) data processing and extraction. Rusty’s project experience includes work in highway and infrastructure design, construction, and survey projects of all types working for both private firms, and government agencies. Rusty is a certified Autodesk instructor and member of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors (OSLS).  


SEPTEMBER 9-10 | 2020



Advancements for AEC

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